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Newberry Public Relations & Marketing is proud to present the Newberry Learning Lab (NLL) – a curriculum of interactive seminars and workshops to:

  • teach people how to use social media
  • write content for public relations and marketing
  • take better photos and videos
  • conduct results-based business planning,
  • and more.

NLL was founded by NPRM President Betty Galligan to provide the opportunity to gain hands-on learning, share knowledge with others, and to embrace what PR and marketing tools can do for a business, organization, corporation or endeavo

Stay tuned for more workshops, seminars and learning lab sessions.

Past NLL seminars:

“Fearless Public Speaking”
Don’t let panic stop you from speaking up or making presentations with confidence. From leaving a voice message on the phone to talking before large groups, you can learn to be a better, more polished public speaker no matter what your current skill level. In this seminar, you will be taught easy ways to overcome anxiety, techniques to speak well off the cuff, and how to get your ideas across verbally with poise in any setting. Topics include when to use gestures, humor and visual aids to add impact, and dealing with stage fright. Come ready to actively participate or simply listen and learn without any pressure to speak.

“Building a Powerful Personal Brand”
In today’s fast-paced society, many people prefer to take shortcuts instead of spending time to build a personal or company brand properly. In this session, attendees will identify and gain a deeper understanding of the power of perceptions, and to better align their brand with audience expectations. You will learn ways to use proven and modern public relations tools to build and manage their reputation, credibility and power.

Women and the Art of Negotiation: How to Get What You Want in Business
Negotiation is a skill that can be learned. It can also be practiced every day, especially in the business world but also in your personal life as well. From negotiating for better pay to solving difficult problems with customers or vendors, attendees will learn the three characteristics of successful negotiations and ways to hone their critical skills including decision-making and active listening.

Cost-Effective Marketing Ideas
Learn the Top 10 most effective, low- or no-cost ways to spread the word about your products and services, reinforce your brand, and attract customers. The focus is on practical, results-oriented marketing tactics vs. pie-in-the-sky ideas. This seminar will help you implement big-budget marketing activities on a shoestring budget.

Seminar presenter and accomplished public speaker Elisabeth N. Galligan, APR, ATM-B, CL is an accredited PR practitioner with over 30 years of experience as a public relations and marketing professional in the region. She achieved the Able Toastmaster Bronze (ATM-B) and Competent Leader (CL) levels from Toastmasters International, and is president/owner of Newberry Public Relations and Marketing, Inc. in East Providence, R.I.

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Newberry has become a trusted and participating contributor for our business communication needs. Through their efforts, Lloyd has enjoyed high profile industry visibility–the kind of media attention you “pray for vs. pay for!” Our needs for collateral materials are well satisfied through a keen understanding of our business and timely completion of projects. Betty and her staff are creative and enthusiastic. Their service provide cost effective value–We consider Newberry to be a great partner to Lloyd.

Mike Schaltz, President
Lloyd Manufacturing Corporation

When you make recommendations, they’re not for a costly brochure that will turn yellow. When you have an idea, you take an active role in helping that idea come to fruition. You help make things happen.

Wilfrid L. Gates, Jr., Chairman
Gates, Leighton & Associates, Inc.

We can’t rave about Candace’s editing skills enough! Her attention to detail and ability to create immaculate transitions in our podcast is impressive.

Anthony Cerino, Financial Advisor
The Hilton Group

I never believed in PR until we started doing business with Newberry. Now our company is getting the recognition we deserve. I just got a renewed passion and confidence about my business through working with your firm, and my sales have increased simultaneously. Thank you!

David C. Baud, President
Baud Builders, Inc.

Since 1986, we have trusted Betty Newberry Galligan on numerous public relations projects for our family-operated international cruise line. We are proud to be one of the original clients of Newberry Public Relations & Marketing, Inc. and continue to access their advice and services thanks to their responsiveness and true concern for the success of our business.

Nancy Blount, President
Blount Small Ship Adventures