What the Doctor Ordered - A Blog Post

Published 05/07/2015

It's been a long time since I've written a blog post. Why, you ask? No good reason. "Too busy." "I spend all my time writing for clients all day; no time for anything else." These are the all-too familiar responses from PR/marketing agency owners like myself who let their own promotional activities flounder amidst client deadlines, business responsibilities, you name it. I simply let my blog posting lapse until a client prospect of mine - a doctor - posed the question (and I quote):  "I noticed on your blog the last entry was in 2013. It makes me wonder why your blog has no recent entries?"  THANK YOU, Doctor!  Your honest, candid and valid question unabashedly pushed me into action. For aren't us marketers supposed to be role models? To practice what we preach? To lead our clients by example? I'm still not sure if this non-blogging is a deal breaker or not, but at this point, I am so thankful for this doctor inspiring me to unblock my writer's block. It's not for lack of content, mind you. I recently read an article aimed at those who have no time to blog, citing such tactics as keeping a file of ideas, gaining inspiration from email conversations, conferences, headlines and the like. It was a great article but didn't shame me into action like the question posed by the doc. For some reason, I could not get the fabulous ideas out of my brain cells and into my fingertips. Now, the disciplined writer within has been unleashed. Stay tuned for more regular blog posts (if my prescription doesn't run out, that is)!