10 Ways to Promote an Event

Published 10/27/2016

Public relations professionals are often called upon by their clients to promote an upcoming event. This could be a conference, cocktail party, celebration, webinar, speaking engagement - you name it. For one of our national clients who attends conferences as both a keynote speaker, panelist and exhibitor, we came up with a checklist of potential ways we could spread the word or "make hay" out of her firm's participation. Here is the handy list of our PR tools for you to use to spark ideas and take advantage of opportunities for promotion:

1.  News Release - Write a news release for distribution to the news media as well as for posting content on the Internet
2.  Website - Post to the company website under "News" or "Events"
3.  Social Media - Create posts pre-, during- and post-event for sharing and visibility
4.  Pitches - Develop creative angles to pitch to news media contacts in order to solicit stories and coverage
5.  Media Relations - Plan and implement media phone calls, emails and social media outreach using the pitch and news release you've developed
6.  Media Alert - As the date draws near, distribute an alert to the news media to communicate the basic "Who, What, When..." information for coverage opportunities
7.  Eblast - Send information about the event to a targeted group of contacts using Constant Contact, MailChimp or similar email platform. Be sure to include links to your website and social media channels and design it attractively (like an ad)
8.  Blog - Post the event onto your organization's blog and enable sharing
9.  Calendar Listing - Turn the media alert into a calendar listing for distribution to publications and media well in advance of the event, if attendance is open to the public or to that particular audience
10.  Letter to Editor - Using the topic of the event or the unique perspective of the client/company, create an editorial piece for submission that can support the event or its purpose.