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Newberry Public Relations & Marketing, Inc. was founded in the small spare bedroom of Betty Galligan’s apartment in Pawtucket — back when her last name was still Newberry. In 1997, she was working for another small advertising/PR firm and said, “I can do this for myself.” On September 5, 1997, Newberry Public Relations was born. Her first client was, ironically, the same first client she had while working at a Providence agency upon graduation from college: American Canadian Caribbean Line. The cruise line joined many other successful businesses, organizations and individuals thoughout the region on the Newberry PR firm’s client roster.

In 1999, the company moved to East Providence and began to grow not only its roster of clients but also its staff and services offerings. The words “and Marketing, Inc.” were added to the company name to describe the type of work the agency was providing. The administrative and production sides of the company were also further developed with the addition of talented staff members in these areas.

In 2001, the agency moved into a four-room office space in the Rumford Professional Building in East Providence, RI. Clients enjoyed the convenient location and continue to comment on the professional and pleasant working atmosphere we had created.

In October 2013, Newberry relocated to a larger space the East Bay Office Park in the Riverside section of East Providence, R.I.

In 2021, the company became certified by the State of Rhode Island as a Women’s Business Enterprise and launched its podcasting service.

In early 2022 after a two-year development period, the agency launched The Public Relations Finishing School, a robust online and in-person certificate training course for new professionals, graduates, and others tasked with the responsibility for public relations at their organizations. Betty shares her 35 years of experience and expertise with students of the School – including her up-to-the-minute practice tips as an active PR counselor to this day – and enjoys grooming the future counselors of the industry she adores.

The agency team continues to implement results-oriented PR and marketing services for appreciative, loyal clients throughout New England, the Northeast and beyond.