5 Guidelines for Successful Business Events

Published 03/22/2018

You want to share your business expertise with your clients and prospects, so you decide to lead a seminar. Or, you just moved into a new office and are planning to hold an open house. What if you invited people to your business event and no one RSVPd? Perhaps your mind would harken back to...

10 Ways to Promote an Event

Published 05/27/2016

Public relations professionals are often called upon by their clients to promote an upcoming event. This could be a conference, cocktail party, celebration, webinar, speaking engagement - you name it. For one of our national clients who attends conferences as both a keynote speaker, panelist and exhibitor, we came up with a checklist of potential ways...

What the Doctor Ordered - A Blog Post

Published 05/07/2015

It's been a long time since I've written a blog post. Why, you ask? No good reason. "Too busy." "I spend all my time writing for clients all day; no time for anything else." These are the all-too familiar responses from PR/marketing agency owners like myself who let their own promotional activities flounder amidst client...

Why Should Every Business Be Using Social Media

Published 05/23/2013

At my seminars and workshops, many business owners ask me why they should be using Twitter, have a Facebook page, or connect with people by LinkedIn. In short, the answer is: to be found on the Internet. There's so much more to why and how a business or organization can benefit from having a presence...

Why is Video So Hot Right Now?

Published 04/25/2013

Public relations involves two-way communication. There must be a “sender” of a message and a “receiver” of a message in order for communication to take place – but then you must factor in “understanding” of the message received. Just think about all of the times you were half-listening to a news announcer speak and never really paying attention to what they were saying! Or think about being in a foreign country and hearing someone talk in another language you cannot understand...

Free is King on the Internet

Published 06/25/2012

With the recent Facebook IPO and its subsequent stock decline, the concept of driving revenues from the Internet has come under question. The main driver of revenues for Facebook is its advertising. Is it possible to build a company as large as Facebook and not really be driving profitable revenues from advertising? Certainly there are companies...

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